The safest way to invest your money is to take over someone else’s already successful business. The ideal buyers are already in the same business or has direct knowledge about that business. If you purchase a restaurant but have never worked in the food industry, you will shocked how hard and the amount of planning needed to run it successfully making money and your customers happy.

In all of our businesses when you compare the cost of businesses, we offer to other brokers be aware we add services to the purchase to assist you directly in making your new business successful. We add this to the sales price because you will be able to finance these services for up to 25 years instead of spending money at the beginning when you have the tightest income issues. The reason we do this is because of the way the SBA does financing. If you are trying to put the least amount down the SBA is normally your best route.

Currently we are offering the following businesses:

The Best Body Shop in South East Florida.