According to Broward County Permit office

There will be no more new permits for paint booths

Global Climate Change is to blame. 

Pompano Beach Location 

Asking Price for business - $550,000 

Asking Price for building with new offices and waiting room build out by seller - $1,650,000

To buy it all total Cost would be $2,200,000

At this price there are very few extra's. 


With good credit $220,000 down 

That would be a payment to the SBA Loan at 3.5% over 25 years. Requiring a payment of $9,900 per month. Leaving an in the pocket of $61,000 in the pocket.


I know for a fact you will be able to increase business over 50% just by adding to the 4 person staff. 


Sweeteners - Net Income will be over $180,000 compared. 

Actual Sales are not comparable to most repair shops because the only thing we buy to repair the vehcles is Paint.  Our customers bring 95% of the parts with the vehicle to avoid our up charge for parts. 



The 2 areas in the building for offices.

These are not built out as of yet because other office space was available to the owner. They offer a seperate entry and can be built as 3 offices on the main floor and up to 10 offices on the second floor.

The owner's relatives are all contractors. You will have to buy the furniture but there is enough offices space to rent out the additional space.

We have heard people ask about the number of Bays we have for repairs. There are 2 "real Bays" we also have the "overhang" Which when used for cars are able to use this area acts as 6 bays without walls. In Florida walls are not the best simply because it is hot.

We have been in the site for 4 years and have never had a breakin at all. 

Unique body shop can repair anything. Has contracts with most delivery vehicles, police departments, entire cities (administration to fire departments), crane & pumper truck companies, auto dealerships etc. These contracts provide the bulk of business and word of mouth has grown the company into a desirable place to get it fixed.

The ideal buyer knows body shops and repair business. This is a unique opportunity to buy and repair anything that moves. From our research there are only 5 shops in South Florida that can touch our diversity in products.

An entire fire pumper truck inside out large paint booth. The booth is one of the largest in South East Florida. From our research there are places in Miami that can match the size then North is either Tampa or Jacksonville to match the size and variety of vehicles to be repairee and painted.

We have experience repairing high end aluminum cars and we can repair carbon fiber parts. We have a very technical staff who can dow most anything that comes our way.

The company can do considerably better with some work.

80% of our business comes based on contracts with large operations. 20% comes from insurance repairs.

We currently own our building, over 7,000 sq ft enclosed and an additional 3,000 sq ft outside covered repair and sanding area. Please notice there is a lift installed inthis area (you have to love Florida) When you purchase the business you will get all of the assets (approx $400,000). The large paint booth alone is a $130,000 asset. You can either purchase the building (saving approx 6% compared to renting) or rent the building.

Growth & Expansion:
To expand the business the new owner will build a website and accept all the vehicles from the contract providers. This will easily double revenue, to increase further accept general body shop insurance repairs. There is room for growth in the open bays and in the paint booth to expand. We are not listed on Google as a body shop. Please note, the price of the business includes nearly everything a new business owner could ask for, 1 year of the current owner being available, 1 year of Consultants to help you improve your business and many more.
The 10% down SBA loan is much better rates (3%) and lower down than the seller.